BSNL TTA Answer Key 2013

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited has conduted the BSNL TTA Exam 2013. This Exam is conducted to get job of Telecom Technical Assistant in 9 state of India. These states are Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Kerla, Maharashtra, Jammu & Kashmir, Haryana and Rajasthan. Answer key of BSNL TTA exam is conducted on 14th July 2013 at various examination center in India. More then 10 lakh candidates are appeared in BSNL TTA examination 2013. After the examination many Candidates are looking for their BSNL TTA answer key 2013. Candidates will get BSNL TTA Haryana answer key 2013,BSNL TTA Maharashtra answer key 2013,Gujarat BSNL TTA answer key 2013

Gujarat BSNL TTA Result 2013 Declared on

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Questions Asked in BSNL TTA Exam 14-07-2013

PART-II  BASIC Engineering Questions and Answers

1.Ferro Electrical material exhibits the Phenomenon of

A)Magnetisation B)magnestostiction C)hysteresis D) A & B

2.Piezo Electric Effect is Used  production of sound waves

3.Out of Four materials the best insulator is Bakelite Sio2, PVC,Porcelain

4.Emitter follower is a ______Amplifier. [voltage series, voltage shunt, current series, current shunt]

5.Oscillator uses _______[positive feedback, negative feedback, no feedback, series current negative feedback]

6. GaAs is used to make LED because [is a direct band gap semi-conductor, it is an indirect band gap semi-conductor, None]

7.Zener diode when used as a voltage stabilizer, it operates in [reverse biased, forward biased, no-bias, semi-bias]

8.Positive clipper can be easily converted in to negative clipper by [simply reversing diode, changing polarity of the reference voltage, both , None]

9.Sample and Hold circuit is used in_____[analog to digital interfacing, pulse modulating system, both, None]

10.Whic of following affected by static electricity? [UJT,FET,MOSFET,BJT]

11.Ther Gray code for number 2 is _____ [0010, 0011, 1000, 0101]

12. Capacitive transducers are normally used for _____measurement [static, dynamic, both, None]

13.The Bridge used to measure high Q value is [Hay bridge, Maxwell Bridge, Schering bridge,Series Owen]

14.Cache Memory works on principle of ______[Locality of data, Locality of memory, Locality of reference, Locality of memory and reference]

15. ______Register keeps track of the instructions stored in program stored in Memory. [AR, XR, PC, AC]

16.IEEE 802.11 is based on _______  [Token passing, CSMA, CSMA/CD, CSMA/CA]

SOME Question From BSNL TTA West Zone asked i

1.Present chairman n MD of BSNL-Ans: Rakesh Kumar Upadhyay

2.Father of Indian telecom revolution- Sam Pitroda

3.2G Licenses which telecom operators were not cancelld by doubt _______(MTS/Reliance answer)

4.160year telegram service will be discontinued from- 15 july

5.silver medalists in 2012 olympics- vijay kumar n sushil

6.MS Dhoni’s place in forbes list of highest paid athletes-16th

7.Present youngest CM of a state in india- Akhilesh Yadav

8.Winner of 2013 US National spell bee contest-Arvind Mahankali

9.PM Of Pakistan – Nawaz sharif

10.We tempted him with many promises, BUT nothing would work on him

12.ACID rain due to-SO2 n Nitrogen oxide

12.World consumer day-15th March

13.Dandi march was led by- MK GANDHI

14.One vision one identity 1 communist is the motto of- ASEAN

15.Playng time of jana gana mana- 52 seconds

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Gujarat BSNL TTA Result 2013 Declared on

Click Here to Check Result of TTA Exam Held on 14/05/2013



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